Saturday, June 2, 2012

Great nothings

Things change quickly. Or no, things change slowly, we try to rush everything in life, but everything remains moving at its own pace. We cannot change things quickly to suit ourselves. We must adjust to the world; we were born into the world and not vice versa. I can imagine the world a happier place without us; with dinosaurs, fresh air and clean water. The world does not revolve around us. So we have found another way to satisfy our egos: we are fickle and constantly changing ourselves, and we try to get our people to revolve around us, Then when we gain their love and trust we change our attitude towards them and start to treat them coldly. Because we are great and they will think we're awesome even if we treat them like dirt. Then we go out and look for another vulnerable person to seduce into our fan club. If our fans love or hate us it not monger matters, nothing matters to us as long as we are gaining popularity. Who knows, one day you might see our great faces on your HD screen. That is the way of the world. So do not ask us why we have changed our attitude towards you. We will pretend we don’t know what you're speaking about. If you ask us to act the way we were before, your request will go in vain because even we do not remember how well we treated you; we were in acting mode. And our memory does not fully function in that mode. So we are sorry we cannot help you. But if you want you can still help us and fulfill our requests. What will you get out of it? Don’t be greedy. Isn't it enough that you get to speak to someone as great as us? Of course after we exit acting mode, we will no longer ask about you even if you die; we couldn’t care less. If you have something to say, you can try to contact us. It all depends on our mood and if you complement our mood on that day or not. We take but never learned to give. Don’t expect much of us for we are bound to let you down. Who are we? What do we want? We are not even sure ourselves. So we just make other people miserable until we find our happiness.

April, 17th, 2012