Friday, June 8, 2012

A letter to society and media

Dear Society and Media,

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      Do not try to tell me what I should do. I am old enough to think for myself and make my own decisions. Don't tell me what will make me happy. You do not know me. I couldn't care less if a girl with a career is less accepted in society. And it does not matter to me if a girl with a finger on her hand is more socially accepted. Till now I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that makes me "abnormal". But who can tell what society see as "abnormal. Maybe a woman living on her own due to her family situation is unacceptable to them. Maybe a girl that travels alone is not one of the norms. Who cares? Let society judge all they want. They judge on the little that they know. Society can be shallow and easily deceived . Thus you find people that perform "taboos" and are accepted in society because they put a different act on in front of society. They show society what it wants to see, and tell it what it wants to hear. But real people do not have time for these acts, they are busy living their lives the way they chose to; the way that makes them happy. Why make your utter goal in life to please those that don't matter? Why not please Allah and yourself? If what you are doing does not displease Allah, then why care if it displeases others? Don't let others shape your life and goals. You will start to convince yourself that this is the way you want to live your life; because as humans, when we do something we like to believe that it was our idea and it was what we wanted (that is why they tell you that when you try to convince someone of something, you must try to get them to think that it was their idea in the first place). Anyways, you will be convinced that it is your idea until one day you realize you are unhappy. You might be quick to realize that it is because you are living a life that was destined for you by others, or you may think that it is because you are suffering some kind of mental disorder, so why bring yourself to this level? Why punish yourself?

©2010-2012 *©2010-2012 =BloodyParasite
   Media is even worse than society because it has the ability to control society, and move society the way that serves the people who control the media. Some people apply what they see and hear in the media into their lives without critically thinking about it. They adopt anything, whether it makes sense or not. "Why not?", they ask. For many of them, people who control the media must know what's best. Thank you for your efforts, brother media, but we can make our own decisions, can't we? Personally, I don't want the media to tell me how I should dress; what foods to cook to make my family love me; what perfumes to use so as to seduce the opposite sex; what hair products to use to make my hair impeccable; what cleaning detergents to use to keep my house clean; what chocolates to eat to make me happy, what foods to eat to keep me fit and slim; and what sanitary pads to use so my clothes will stay clean during my menstrual cycle! Seriously, what part of my life did the media not intrude in? I want to dress in the clothes that I like and in colours that I prefer; cook what my family and I want to eat; spray perfumes that I like to smell; do whatever I want with my hair; clean my house with the products that I find effective; eat the chocolates that I prefer and the foods that I want. And for God's sake, we all know what sanitary pads are, and we don't appreciate their ridiculous commercials emphasizing their protection and "wings". And the ridiculous commercials just get more ridiculous with time a lot of them targeting women. That is offensive. Are we more likely to believe all we see and want to try these "magical" products that will make our lives 100x better than they were before? Commercials seem to give people solutions to all their problems. If you want a husband you can either use the soap 'Camay' or the whitening cream 'Fair and Lovely'. For according to their commercials you will easily get someone to ask you "Will you marry me?" if you use the soap, or get someone to paint your portrait with a ring on your finger after using the whitening cream. The blame is not on the people who make the commercials; it is on the idiots who believe them! Even in the city of Nablus I saw large billboards with the words "بدك جوزك يحبك؟" which translates into "Do you want your husband to love you?" and their is a picture of a woman with a chef's hat using a certain brand of rice. As if rice has anything to do with a husband's love for his wife! We heard the saying that 'the way to a man's heart is his stomach', but not a certain type of rice! How sillier can advertisements get? I don't even want to know the answer to that question.