Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never lose hope

Sometimes the people who you care about don’t care about you. Sometimes they do care about you, but not as much as you care about them. The care does not have to be exactly equal for things to go smoothly, but it should be mutual. You cannot always have what you want. The world does not revolve around individuals. We should not waste our energy on things we cannot have. We will just tire ourselves and end up with nothing at the end of our struggle. That does not mean that you should not struggle, but struggle for a realistic goal; a goal that will be worth struggling for. Don't wait for someone who doesn’t have you on their mind. Don't grow feelings for someone who does not have feelings for you. The truth may hurt sometimes, but it is better to know the truth than to live in a fantasy. Be thankful for what you have, and for the blessings you have. Allah has given us so many blessings that we cannot count them all: "وإن تعدّو نعمة الله لا تحصوها". Our health is a blessing, our homes, our families and friends…etc. The smallest blessings that are essential to our living are overlooked. As human beings, we always want to get what we want but even if we know what we want and what's best for us, our vision is very limited; we don’t see the whole picture. When we go through a hardship we might feel helpless and question what we did to deserve to go through such hardship. We do not think of how this hardship may help us in building our character and giving us experiences we need to live our lives with purpose and meaning. At times we might feel so down to a point that we become confused and cannot see a reason for living. Life at one point or another may become meaningless to us. At times like these, when we go through a hardship, we will appreciate our lives more and we will want to make the best of them. Hardships do not just reshape the way we think and act; Allah says that with every hardship there will be ease: "إنّ مع كل عسر يسرى" that way when we are feeling and restless, we can bring ourselves back up by remembering that no hardship lasts forever. And as things are eased after a hardship, your life may be even better than it was before you went through it. There is a reason behind everything that happens, and even if you don’t know what that reason is, be patient and time will reveal all the answers. Throughout your whole life, you have the ability to choose how you will react to life's events. You can lose faith and live life without purpose, or you can be patient and face things with a positive attitude. We may not have the power to change things as we wish, but we have the power to have control over ourselves and how we will deal with things. And what we have power over can make all the difference, So use it to your benefit, and start taking control over your life.
April, 9th, 2012