Monday, June 11, 2012

Questions we must ask ourselves

©2012 *lindelokse
Why do people wish the best for themselves,
                                                           yet wish the worst for others?

Why do we expect people to like us,
                                                even though we do not treat them well?

Why do we expect people to rush to our help,
                                                           when we never offered anyone a helping hand?

Why do we think people should please us,
                                                       but we never thought about what pleases them?

Why do we wait for others to praise us,
                                                    when all we ever did was criticize them?

Why do we want others to love us,
                                              while the only people we love are ourselves?

Why are we surprised when people disrespect us,
                                                                 although we know that we have never respected them?

Why do we expect to be given that which we have never gave?!?
June,10th, 2012