Monday, June 18, 2012

Still waiting (waiting part ll)

Still waiting for the exam marks to come out. Trying to forget all about them and just have fun this week. Eventually, they will come out and if I don’t keep checking them on a daily basis it will be less of a torture. Today is Monday and I will not check for them again until Wednesday (unless my friend texts me that a mark has come out as she promised to). So with that settled, I am currently waiting. What for; waiting for my turn at the teller in the bank so that I can pay my college tuition. There were approximately a hundred numbers before mine but now there's almost about fifty. Fifty is not a small number but it is half a hundred which means I am halfway done with waiting. Didn't the bank ever think about employing more tellers? This bank is always full and the least I've ever waited for my turn was half an hour. Well, I knew it would be crowded which is why I was planning on being one of the first clients at the bank's door this morning. But sleep got the better of me and I kept putting off going out because of the extreme heat. The bank doesn’t even have the AC on at the temperature it should be. They probably only have the ventilation system on so the bank won't stink of body odor. Seriously, what a cheap bank! Most of their profits probably get spent on business growth and paychecks. What about the client? Be economically efficient, but not on our expense. Employ more tellers and turn the AC on. Become a bank. Make the waiting more durable. After writing all of the above the numbers at the teller counters have only moved by three! OK, I might be a fast writer, but not that fast. I am going to mention the name of the bank 'Cairo Amman Bank, Ramallah branch' for useful purposes; if the customer care at the bank search online for clients' opinions of their bank and are truly concerned with giving a better service, they will know what to provide us with. Of the banks that also need to improve is the Arab bank close to the Al-Manara Square. They feed their ATM machine with old one hundred dollar bills that are not taken by any money exchangers or banks in the city. And then they refuse to exchange them with new ones (unless you make a scene as I did). Enough with a capitalist mentality they just wants to obtain profit without any regard to the client. Shall we boycott banks or is that too extreme? If I boycott the bank, I will not be able to register for college. So it seems like one must go with the flow in order to get what they want which is not something a free man/woman is obliged to do.