Monday, June 11, 2012

Stop running away

     What should a person do when they are drained of energy and they are supposed to study? You have no concentration and your eyelids feel heavy as you try to keep them from closing. You just want to put your head on the table and fall into a deep sleep where everything is peaceful and quiet. Why have you done this to yourself? Why do you purposefully drain yourself of energy through depriving yourself of sleep during the night? Is it so you won't have to face what awaits you during the day? Are you trying to avoid your life instead of living it? Just live it as it is and slowly make changes so that it will suit you better. But if you keep running away, everything will remain the same and you will spend most of your life running away from your life, ironic much? That is what many of us do. Gather up all your strength and energy and face whatever life brings upon you.

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