Monday, June 18, 2012


Who enjoys waiting? I am roughly guessing that none of the world's population would chose to wait if         they had a choice. We want things to be done quickly and see the outcomes of our work right away. In Palestinian society when a guy asks for a girl's hand in marriage he has to wait for an average of three days to receive a reply. They wait for three days and there is a chance they might get refused. Why is there such stress? Why wait? Rarely anyone in our times has enough patience to wait peacefully for anything. I am now waiting. No, not for a groom, that was just to exemplify the situation of waiting which many people from the Arab society can relate to. Let's take a more universal example; the salary. Many people (unfortunately, not me) wait till the end/beginning of each month till they receive their salary. Then quite a few of them pay the bills and rent and after two weeks into the month barely nothing is left of their paycheck and the cyclic process goes on; they wait till the end/beginning of the upcoming month for their next salary. Why does one have to wait for a whole month to receive the outcome of their work? I am still waiting. What for; for my professors at university to utilize their red pens and quickly mark the final exams. About every day I open the student portal with the hope that my marks will be out with no result. Only a couple of grades are out so far and I cannot estimate my average this semester with only two marks. Seriously, the stress of waiting for the marks exceeds that of the examination itself! Speaking to my friend a few days ago, she told me that she had a nightmare in which she failed two classes. She woke up crying and opened the student portal at 5:00 AM to check if her marks were out (of course they were not).  How are we supposed to enjoy our summer vacation (or in my case summer classes) if we are stressed all the time? Please professors take out your red pens and hurry, I want to relax! And if your red pens are out of ink, just call me, I am ready 
to supply you with all the red pens you need!