Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of Discussion

 At first you say things that you do not mean then after you're tired of pretending, you begin to say things that you mean; things that obviously contradict those which you didn’t mean. You say that you never meant the former. Then why did you say it and why don't you drop this bad habit? I try to get you to speak so that I can understand where you are coming from and make sense out of this messy situation. Then you use your 'magic phrase': "End of discussion." Wow. What a mature way to handle matters. If it is an aimless discussion then let it be the end of it, but it is not.

If you have nothing else to say then you can end the discussion from your side, while I will not shut up until my thoughts are verbalized. Do not ask me to end a discussion; your request will be denied. "End of discussion" is a euphemism for "shut your mouth". I would rather you use the more crude version of the phrase. Your request for 'shutting my mouth' will not go unheard; it will be responded to with a slap in your face (Unfortunately, I do not use physical or verbal abuse when dealing with people.  Slapping people in the face is just a figure of speech for expressing sheer anger at individuals).

A discussion is held between two or more people. It begins with the consent of both people and ends with the consent of both people. If you cannot communicate decently with people, you will end up discussing matters with yourself. Let us see how you will enjoy that.