Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Would you be my clone?

   Of course I would… NOT! We were created as individuals not as herds of sheep. Why do we insist on trying to be as similar and always agreeing with others? Is it a psychological matter; our need to be accepted by others? Then let's begin working on being introverts and achieve self-acceptance rather than extroverts that seek to be accepted by others.

 It is almost impossible to find two people who agree in every aspect of life. And for those who believe in soul mates; a soul mate is a person who understands you and accepts you with your imperfections and vice versa. So why do we always seek partners and companions that are similar to us? You don't get much out of a homogenous relationship; it is similar to spending time with yourself and speaking to yourself.

 Many say opposites attract. Why would that be? Because what a person lacks, another has. And a person will be drawn to a person with the characteristics they tend to lack; we complete one another. You can easily find a pair of friends of which one is bold and the other is shy. Or a couple where the wife is a worry wart and the husband is a more laid back person. We need to be affected by qualities in others that we originally lack.

So why do expect clones? Has globalization led us to think that we are all similar and maybe if we all dress in the same fashion, watch the same programmes and listen to the same music that we will end up having the same mentalities? Your own neighbour of your age who attended the same school and university and is equal on the social scale does not have the same exact mentality as you do. So do not expect a person from a different city, different social status and different norms to agree with you on every scale. Accept the truth; we are all different.

Accept a person as they are. Can you change them for the better? What is 'the better'? To be more like you and less like themselves? Thank you for your help Mr. /Ms .ambassador of good intentions, but work on self-improvement first; work on accepting others.  What goes around comes around; if you will not accept others for their true selves, they will not accept you.

We need diversity. A world full of clones will be a boring place. It's enough that with plastic surgeries people are starting to look the same; same nose, same lips…etc. Let us at least have distinguished personalities. Do we need to wear masks all day and forget who we really are? How many of us are comfortable in our own skin? It is time for us to give each other a break. In the end: We are who we are.