Sunday, August 5, 2012

100 unanswered questions

Questions that I toss over in my mind every now and then. Maybe some questions are meant to remain without answers; questions to contemplate for the rest of our lives:

1.      Why are we eventually separated from those closest to us?
2.      Why are we expected to make new friends quickly and get on with life?
3.      Why do they downsize us if we wallow in sadness for awhile?
4.      Who said we must always keep a smile on our face?
5.      Who said it is not socially acceptable to cry in public?
6.      Why are we considered crazy if we yell?
7.      Are sane people those who are always quiet?
8.      Must we act as emotionless robots?
9.      Are we becoming emotionless robots?
10.   Who wants to wear a mask all day?
11.   Is life a Shakespearean play?
12.   Is your mask bothering you?
13.   Why not take it off?
14.   Do people even know who you really are?
15.   Do you even remember who you really are?
16.   Does your own mother know who you are?
17.   How many people actually know you?
18.   If people saw you for your true self will they dislike you?
19.   What is there to dislike?
20.   Who cares?
21.   Do people think they are perfect?
22.   Why do they judge others?
23.   To distract people from their own imperfections?
24.   Who told you that you must be perfect?
25.   Do you think that person is an idiot?
26.   Is it wise to take advice from an idiot?
27.   When will you begin to be yourself again?
28.   Will you ever be yourself?
29.   Are you afraid of being yourself?
30.   Who created fashion?
31.   Who said people in magazines are fashionable?
32.   Since when was being half-naked fashionable?
33.   Cannot anyone go out half-naked?
34.   So when we are in our undergarments we are considered fashionable?
35.   Does that make anyone who owns undergarments fashionable?
36.   That means fashion is cheap?
37.   Then why do we spend so much money investing in it?
38.   Are we idiots?
39.   Like the person who told you that you must be perfect?
40.   Are people in the media the standard for beauty?
41.   Who gave them the authority?
42.   Must we be thin?
43.   Why do they choose overly thin models in the runway?
44.   Do we have to be anorexic?
45.   Must we deprive ourselves of food?
46.   Beauty hurts?
47.   How many idiots are there?
48.   Do organisms not survive by eating?
49.   Then why do you not leave us to enjoy our meals?
50.   Must you always comment on our weight?
51.   Do you have nothing better to do in life?
52.   Or do you think that we will eventually pay you for your unwanted opinion?
53.   Who said we have money?
54.   Do we not spend it on fashion and plastic surgeries?
55.   Why is it more acceptable for a male to wear glasses than a female?
56.   Must the female always look her best?
57.   Who said she cannot wear glasses?
58.   Why must she dry up her eyes with contact lenses?
59.   Or perform a Lasik surgery?
60.   Why should we care?
61.   Who put the rules in the game of social acceptance?
62.   Were not rules made to be broken?
63.   Who says that we care about being socially accepted?
64.   Why not be an outcast?
65.   Does it not sound like more fun?
66.   Who said we must apply make-up?
67.   Cannot society accept us without it?
68.   Who said we look ugly without make-up?
69.   How many idiots do you know?
70.   Do we not look fine the way Allah created us?
71.   And why are they so shallow anyways?
72.   Do they always judge a book by its cover?
73.   Are they too lazy to read the book?
74.   Who said we were born to gain acceptance?
75.   Do you think we could care less?
76.   Why should we waste our time trying to satisfy you?
77.   Are you ever even satisfied?
78.   Did anyone ever tell you that you are an idiot?
79.   What must we do to get you out of our sight?
80.   Did you ever hear a fake laugh?
81.   Reconsidering that last question, when was the last time you heard a real laugh?
82.   Do you like to laugh?
83.   Why do we laugh at the misfortunes of others?
84.   Are we heartless inhumane people?
85.   What must we do to become humans again?
86.   Who lied to us and told us we were civilized?
87.   Do civilized people engage in aimless wars?
88.   And kill people like they have no souls?
89.   Why do we blame our misfortunes on others?
90.   Why cannot we take responsibility for our actions?
91.   Who said that we are terrorists?
92.   Are they not the same people who have killed millions?
93.   Will we ever live in peace?
94.   Can we build a utopia?
95.   Will life in a utopia be boring?
96.   Will there be anybody to yell at?
97.   Can we survive if we find nobody to yell at?
98.   When will we die?
99.   Will there be wars in heaven?
100.                    Are we going to end up in hell?