Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Accept me as I am

This is me

This is who I am

I have faults

But it is part of who I am

I try to be the best I can

But at the end of the day I am who I am

Do you consider my character to be a fault?

Is it a fault that I am?

It is not my job to please every woman and man

If I spend my life trying to please you,

How will I ever enjoy life being the person I am?

I try to follow my religion as much as I can

I dress the way Allah asked me to

Not the way that pleases man

Does that bother you?

That I am who I am?

If you cannot stand me

Do not include me in your future plan

The world is full of people

You will easily find others

Who are not the way I am

Now that we have that settled

And others can accept me as I am

This is me, my identity so let me be

For now:
I am who I am

And when my time is over:
I was who I was