Friday, August 17, 2012

On the other side of the wall lives a people...

Ahmed Mesleh Photography
During a cyber discussion between an Israeli citizen and myself, he told me that he teaches his children that those living on the other side are no different than themselves. He asked me if that is what I taught my children (Me,children? Bad combination).

Lama90Palestine: I do not have children J

Urikalish: And when you'll have kids?

Instantly, I felt the urge to explain that I am not thinking about having kids and that I'm not even married let alone engaged, that I'm still studying and working, that children are a big responsibility and babies cry too much and they do not even speak in their first months, that I'll easily get bored of inarticulate infants …But that was not the question, and we can always use our imagination cannot we? To imagine that I'll be a good enough of a caretaker to keep my children alive and breathing till they can speak a human language. So if Palestinians and Israelis still have not found a solution by the time I've had my "kids" or if they have not tore each other apart by then or if Iran has not destroyed the entire 27,000 of the country while it was trying to bomb Tel-Arabee' (if the Israel loves Iran campaign is not bought) ...

Oh dear children:

On the other side of this apartheid wall lives a people who call it a security fence;

We call the country Palestine, they call it Israel;

We call ourselves Palestinians, they call themselves Israelis;

They call us Arabs, we call them Jews;

We call them Zionists, they call us Terrorists;

They call us stone throwers, we call them bomb throwers;

We call their military Israeli Occupational forces, they call them Israeli Defense forces;

They tell us to go live in Jordan, we tell them to go live in Europe;

We blame the Likud,they blame Hamas;

We call it Ha2et Al-Buraq, they call it The Wailing wall;

We call it Tel-Alrabee', they call it Tel-aviv;

We call it Yaffa, they call it Yaffo;

We claim that Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine, they claim that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel;

We struggle to keep Al-Aqsa standing, they struggle to get Solomon's temple to stand;

We call them  illegal settlements, they call them homes;

We remember 15/5/1948 as a catastrophe, they recall it as an independence;

Our right of return is not acknowledged, while their immigration is;

We commemorate, they celebrate;

We are people, they are people;

We just live on different sides of the wall;

"Would things be different if we lived on their side, and they lived on our side?";

..."On the other side of this security fence lives a people who call it an apartheid wall..."