Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to School Karma

During the years I was being schooled, the term 'Back to School' had different implications than it does for me now as a teacher. 'Back to School' meant we had to get our school supplies ready, and buy new shoes other than the ones we wore off during summer. It implied that we had to go to school beforehand to try on school uniforms until we find the perfect size, and receive our textbooks that were always too heavy for our small bodies to carry. 'Back to school' meant that we would get to see our old friends and meet new ones. We would brag to each other about what we spent our summer vacations doing, even though I do not recall that any of us ever did anything memorable. Our teachers from the previous year would become stricter and have new rules for the new year, while new teachers would be smiling and treat us with ease. We would come early in the morning so we could spend time with our classmates and friends before the bell rings. As we lined up to go into classes, teachers would constantly remind us to remain silent (not that we ever forgot we just did not want to shut up). Homeroom class would begin and attendance would be taken, we would be disappointed if someone was absent and would not be there to spend the day with us.

During class, we would learn. We would also exchange smiles when the teacher would turn to the board. If there was something we felt we needed to say to each other, we would pass notes. When the bell rang for lunch, we would run out not wanting to waste a moment.

Teachers told us that we drove them crazy; we assumed that they were already crazy before they became teachers. We promised ourselves and told each other that we would never be teachers.

But it is called Karma my dears. And Karma will find you, no matter how far you run away from it.

            Years after, I am now a teacher teaching in the same school that I used to attend. Even though I am teaching in the boys section of the school which is relatively new, it is the same school. Same type of students, only that boys are louder, more restless and love to wrestle.

            My students are not that bad, but after they have had their fair share of carbohydrates at lunch, they become uncontrollable. When my students talk back to me I make it clear that it is unacceptable to talk to a teacher in that way. But at the end of the day, I have done the same thing with my teachers, and I know that karma will not leave me alone.

            During one class, I asked a student to change his seat. While he was moving a chair and making annoying car sounds, I asked him to stop making sound effects. He did not listen and made the same noise while he was moving a second chair. The chair then fell from his hands and he fell over it. During class he kept asking me if he could go to the school nurse. "Of course you cannot, you were disturbing the whole class, refused to stop your disturbing act, and that is what God did to you in return." After class, I told him: "See what happened to you, even though I chose not to punish you for what you did." He said: "Yeah Miss, I know, it's karma." "So Watch out for karma."