Saturday, September 22, 2012

Please, do not offend my religion

In the same way that you have the right to believe what you wish, I have that same right whether you like it or not. So deal with it and man up. I am not forcing you to be a Muslim, and I do not think anyone else is either. Do what you wish. But in the same way that your beliefs are respected and are sacred to you, respect the beliefs of others. If you know that it is not allowed in our religion to draw or portray our Prophet –peace be upon him- then why would you do such a thing? To intimidate us? To make the more extreme Muslims defend the Prophet in violent ways? To prove to the world that Islam is a religion of terror and nutcrackers?

There is an objective or should be an objective to everything we do in life. When a movie is made to insult other peoples' religion, what is the objective? Why would people actually waste their time and energy for nothing? I do not even know the name of the movie, and I am not the least interested in watching it. If it had a clear objective, and respected other peoples' religion, I might of thought of watching it.

There is a freedom of speech, and you can talk all you want. It is not my job to censor what you say. But a man's rights end where another man's rights begin. And your freedom of speech ends when you begin to offend somebody else and disrespect them. Let us say, that you are at a party. There is someone there that you do not like very much. You begin commenting on their outfit, then their bad qualities, then you begin saying that they are atheist and were raised in a bad family. Your rights just ended there. You have no right to question their beliefs and make judgments about their family. You have no right whatsoever to speak about the place they come from. Your rights have ended.

 People are not going to look at you as more civilized if you make a movie trying to convince them of how uncivilized we are. Unbiased people with common sense will even look down at you. Thank you for your effort, but we can represent our religion without your help. Get a new job, being a religion offender is not going to pay your bills for long.