Sunday, November 4, 2012

The ugliness of capitalism (modern day slavery)

            Business is business; cut the costs and maximize the profits. They do not care how it is done as long as it is done. They acknowledge all business terms except the term 'business ethics'. It seems as though they skipped that module at university (come to think about it the university itself is probably run by capitalists, so why teach anything that may lighten the effect of capitalism?). Let the world be controlled by capitalism, if that is what the majority calls for. But when it interferes in the lives of those who do not want to be slaves of the system, there will be a problem.

Somehow business in the Arab word is business when it comes to making the highest revenue from which the lowest costs are deducted to leave them with the highest possible profit. But when it comes to a person's tribe and people, it becomes a non-profit charity that employs people without the required  qualifications with a  high salary that no other employees receive. After all, blood is thicker than water isn't it?

When you as an employee, work additional hours at home and work on weekends in addition to the 6 to 7 daily hours at work, what time do you have to yourself to perform your daily activities, other errands and enjoy your life? If you are summoned upon for a weekly meeting after working hours when you already had a long day at work, what do they expect from you? They expect to receive the maximum, while they themselves give nothing more than the minimum. As capitalists, they probably also had Newton's third law cut out their syllabus too.

To receive the best output, you need the best input. The minimum input will leave you with the minimum output. That is the way life works. It is an equilibrium (that was most likely exempted from their chemistry texts as well). It is in a human's nature to need to feel safe. They need to be assured and reassured that if anything happens to them, they will be helped. If they are shunned and ignored, they will shun and ignore you. You will no longer have any manpower. No manpower means no business.