Sunday, January 13, 2013

Israel opens a door to hell in place of the door of the sun "Bab AlShams"

"On January 11, hundreds of Palestinian activists set up protest tents in the so-called E1 corridor between the settlement of Maaleh Adumim and Jerusalem…" (

Israel is never satisfied with the size of its illegal settlements; no land is ever enough for the citizens of Israel. The settlements expand and expand until they are mini-sized states of Israel. How does this happen? How does a small kibutz turn into one of the largest Israeli settlements?  It is the same plan which Israel has for the land on which Bab AlShams – meaning the door of the sun- was built; building a new settlement (3,000 housing areas in this case) and then slowly expanding it till it is geographically connected to the mother settlement (Maaleh Adumim) in this case.

Now the rest of this piece of writing will be biased towards humanity and will contain human sentiment. So if you are inhumane do not go on reading this for if you do, your inhumanity will be offended.

If Israel and its people really believe in a two-state solution, they would not be trying so hard to legalize settlements. How do they believe in a two-state solution if they are also taking over the less-than-thirty percent of the whole country that was left for Palestinians? Not that I believe in a two-state solution, it is just to prove that they do not. If Palestinians are lucky, we might be left to work in our lands as slaves for Israel in a few years.

If Israel is crowded, and its citizens are asking for cheaper rent, their solution is: settlements. If you cannot house anymore citizens, then stop importing them from other countries!  This is not a racial comment. Many citizens of so-called developed countries always complain about migration of people from so called developing countries to their country. Some complain of the excess of Muslims or Arabs in their countries. And then they are supporters of Israel; a country which imports people. Ironic much?  I want to complain too! When Palestinians are living in overcrowded areas, while Israelis are living in spacious areas, I have all the right to complain. What are we, second class citizens? That does not even sound like a two-state solution.
It sounds like an inhumane system; a system where one people get treated as a people, whereas the other people get treated as animals. Sorry, did I say animals? I forgot they had all these animal right groups. Not that we do not have human rights groups, but as I see, they do not classify as humans.

Bab Al-Shams was evicted a few hours before sunrise on Jan,13th,2013. Israel thinks it has put an end to it. In only two days, Bab Al-Shams's Facebook page now has over 14,000 members or "likes" as Facebook calls it. After the eviction, it is bound to double, triple, even quad triple. Then you ask why you are always "targeted" by the media. Why couldn't you just leave the Palestinians to their tents? Every settlement is a door to hell, and you have just opened a door to hell.