Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting off on the wrong foot…

  The year has begun. Our resolutions have been thought out carefully, and our expectations are higher than ever. Many of us stay up very late, and then curse the fact that they do not feel fresh and alive the next day. For others who are superstitious, 2013 is an unlucky number and many bad things are bound to happen. These people have their fingers crossed that they will get through the year in one piece. The two types of people mentioned above can be labeled as: the optimist and the pessimist respectively. Why be either? The world is no longer in black and white. There is always a moderate solution.

I am going to be realistic. This year is just like any year. If you want it to be a great year, you need to make it a great year. A year is nothing but a change of the numbers on the calendar. Do you expect a calendar to change your life? Do not wait for a new year so you can make your resolutions; if you have something you need to deal with, make a resolution right there and then. Why in the world would you wait for a new year? The only time you are to have a new year's resolution is when you are at the end of a year and you have a problem at that time.

We do not live in LaLa Land. This is a real world. It is not easy. It is not fair; and it may never be fair. That does not mean the world is ugly and there is nothing to live for. There is good and bad in the world and in our lives, which forms an equilibrium which helps us enjoy life. If you cannot accept that there will be unhappy moments in your life every year, then you will never be happy. You need to expect anything, and then deal with what comes your way.

I am not writing this as a perfect perspective of life, or that I view myself as a perfect person. Not at all. I yell, cry, quarrel, and sometimes even curse. I fight with family and friends. I say mean things even if I don't mean them. I am neither a perfect employee nor a perfect teacher. Sometimes I even blame my own anger on my students. But the bad times make you appreciate the good ones:

You cannot appreciate a loyal friend the way you should, until you have been betrayed by a fake friend.

We will appreciate family more when we have experienced life without them.

You will appreciate summer after a long winter, and winter after a long summer.

Bits and Pieces of Advice:

Keep your expectations high as long as they are realistic;

If you do not work towards your expectations, do not expect them to works towards you;

This might be an awful moment, but you might be smiling the next;

Surround yourself with people who make you smile;

Stop reading this and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!