Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts on Leaving

Leaving one place to go to another is not always easy, almost never easy. This is especially when you have established strong bonds to the people and places that surround you. It is hard to leave a place that has witnessed the majority of your lifetime.

As a child, everything seemed much more magnificent and magical, or maybe our belief just decreased with time. In this magical place trees and rocks were houses, we would race to choose our favorite branch or rock, and we would spend some days playing imagination, while we would spend others collecting snail shells (we would check the snail shells; if the snail was still living we would place  back where we found it) and cool looking rocks (when you scrape these two rocks together some sparks come out) .  During the collecting season, we would help ants. We would hold them by the harvest they were holding, and place them near the hole leading to their home (thinking about it now, I hope it didn't cause chaos inside the ant farm!) Playing hide-and-seek at night was a luxury; our parents would soon call us in for bedtime. Getting hurt wasn't such a big deal at that time; the first aid kit at home would make all the pain go away. Unless you needed stitches…then it would be yelling and screaming at the hospital in Jericho. If your clothes were not dirty by the end of the day, you did not have enough fun.

Being a teenager is not the best time of our lives for many of us. We should know better as we are no longer children, yet we still do not have the independence of adults. Despite all the confusion and drama of the teenage life, I can assure you it was the time I laughed the most. I would laugh so hard that it would cause me physical pain. Of course thanks to all my friends and their sense of humor. We would rebel against school rules, and get punished together. We were always so hungry and looking for something to eat. We would finish our lunches before recess. Sometimes teachers laughed with us, other times they yelled at us. We would go to the bathrooms just to read what other students' wrote on the doors. We would try to get as close to the windows as we could to try to get a phone signal. The most fun adventures took place after school. The security at the mall would call our school to let them know that their students were causing chaos. The school would then tell us not to go to the mall wearing our school uniforms. During finals, we would go have pizza and burgers for brunch. During your teenage years you may transfer to another school. You try not to mingle too much at first, thus volunteering at the library during the lunch break is a great way to avoid everyone out of class. After a few months, you realize that it's not that bad. You sit with a couple of people you have never really spoke to out of class before. You cannot stop laughing and you realize you have just found yourself great friends. The teacher is absent and you guys decide to stay out, but as you walk to the other side of the courtyard, the substitute teacher starts yelling at you from the window calling you up to class. One of you tries to run away, but nobody can dart away from the eagle eyes of a teacher. More laughs. In a math studies class you will find people who signed up in the class because it is the easiest level. More fun.  In another class, your teacher asks you where one of your best friends are. You innocently text them to ask them where they are, then your phone is taken away. You need to plan an experiment for chemistry lab. Your experiment catches fire. You yell for help, where in the world is the teacher? Students rush in from the adjacent biology lab, they want to extinguish it with water. You tell them that you need to take measurements and it will ruin the experiment. They try blowing, it does nothing. Another student cannot take this sight anymore; she brings a bucket of water and extinguishes the fire. You are so busy laughing you cannot complain of having to start all over again. You are invited to a friend's house. When night dawns the OUJI board is brought out. You start laughing at the thought of talking to dead spirits. Your friend shushes you, for the spirits will refuse to speak if you do not take them seriously. You ask the board some questions, it answers correctly. You ask your friends if any of their fingers is manipulating the arrow towards a certain way. They promise they aren't. You go home freaked out, and your friends talk about how scary it is the whole ride home. You go to your friend's house to get ready for prom and leave all your things there. A few weeks later your friend asks you if you want your flip-flops back. You reply that you'll pick them up when you go over.

 - "But my dog ate them."
- (laughs) "Then why did you ask if I wanted them back?"
-"I was hoping you would say no."
-"No, I don't want them back!"

Some of the people you met in your teenage years are still your best friends that you cannot live without; whilst, you have failed to keep in contact with others. Regardless, they have all played an important role in your life. And if today is not a great day for you, replay the awesome memories!

Of course not all your memories were great, but why replay those which were not?

To be continued…