Friday, April 12, 2013

Muslims Against Hijab

Were we not all born free? Cannot we all make our own decision of covering our hair or not? Do you not pretend to fight for women's rights? A woman's right is to dress as she pleases and follow her own beliefs; this is a basic human right. Allah created us with minds and we can all decide what suits us and what does not suit us.

It saddens me to hear Muslims criticizing hijab. To see Muslims disgusted from people who wear hijab and view them as inferiors. Even if you classify yourself as a liberal, you must respect the beliefs of others. In the city of Tel-Abib where most people who live there do not have any belief in religion, there is still respect for others who have certain beliefs and dress in an Islamic or Jewish way. People are still treated as people regardless of the way they look or dress. So why cannot Muslims tolerate each other?  Why are we so shallow?

Wearing the hijab is not the only standard of Islam. So it does not mean those Muslims who do not wear hijab are anyway inferior or have less faith; it is vice versa in many cases. Also the same way that a woman should be respected if she chooses to wear hijab, she should be respected in the same way if she chooses not to wear it. Everyone should be left to make their own decisions; it is their life not yours so you should refrain from interfering.

More than once people would not believe that my sisters and I are sisters because I wear hijab and they do not. They would say things like: "Why did your father make you wear hijab and not your sisters?" What an assumption! My father did not make me wear hijab, he never told me to. I was young when I did wear it, and he told me I was too young. And when I wore full hijab, my family and relatives tried convincing me numerous times to wear something more flattering for my age.

I never thought wrong of anyone or spoke ill of anyone because they do not wear the hijab. Some of my friends wear hijab, some do not. I have never even suggested that they should. Even my sisters, they have never told me to take off my hijab, by the same token, I have never forced them to wear it. Everyone should be free to dress in whatever way makes them comfortable.

I choose to wear full hijab because I do not want any weird gazes from males. Having tried life without hijab (even though at a young age, people took me to be three years older than my real age), it did not suit me. Hearing unnecessary comments from guys who were 18+ was not very flattering. The way I dress suits me, and it keeps away from me things I do not want. Yes, I can be stubborn at times, but I do not take advice from people who tell me to take the hijab off not because I am stubborn, but because I am convinced. This is what I want. And I would appreciate it if you would respect me the way I am in the same way I respect you.