Friday, May 31, 2013

You Can Have It All; if you want it all

Choose. We are trained to choose one out of two options: red balloon or yellow balloon; tea or coffee; Palestine or Israel. Ask your parents for two balloons and you will up with none; ask your host for tea and coffee and you will appear rude; choose both Palestine and Israel and they'll call you a traitor. We have become acquainted with choosing one option every time that we convince ourselves and others that we cannot have it all. And that is how our life proceeds.

After you finish university; you pursue your career, further your studies, or have a family.  Choose one. Seriously, since when did life become a 'Choose the best answer' multiple-choice test? A person can have it all; at their own pace. A person once told me: "In life you either choose your studies and career or a family." With all due respect to the speaker of the words, that is the silliest thing I ever heard. The problem is the tendency of many people that think alike, and until recently, I believed what they said.

You would think it is more of a generation gap matter, but it is not. There is exactly 4 decades between my father and I, but he encourages me to leave the country to pursue my studies. A friend of mine of the same generation told me that I should just get married instead. Ironic much?

Life is a balance; we eat thus we need to move. We work thus we need to have fun. We wake up thus we need to sleep. We are cared for thus we need to care. In conclusion: you can have it all; if you want it all. (Regardless of what it is you want.)