Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Barack Obama is not the Saviour of Syria

  The U.S have been wanting to get militarily involved in Syria, and they now claim their loophole; the Syrian system has used chemical weapons against innocent civilians. The U.S cannot stand this inhumanity and must save Syria from the dictatorship of the Asad family.

Let us assume that the Syrian government had not been framed for this act (my personal opinion being otherwise), and that they really committed this ugly act. They would need to be punished right? So what better country is there to punish the Asad and his regime than the U.S?

Practice what you preach. Will you not?

The U.S is in no position to punish others for war crimes. If the U.S was a person, it would either be a fugitive running away from the law or be sentenced to death (by the means of an electric chair). Someone with a dirty past, present, and future should not be punishing others.

Let us imagine that the U.S was a role model country. Let us imagine that there was no Heroshima, no concentration camps for the Red Indians, no Iraq, and no Guantanamo Bay. A country that cared for the welfare of the world, rather than for natural resources and power. That is very difficult to imagine, but oh well. Even then there would be NO COMMON SENSE in hitting Syria. How will Barack Obama, the international ambassador of good will, allow more children in Syria to die? Was he not quite upset over the children who lost their lives in the chemical attack, so how will he allow it to happen again by his own soldiers? Unless he is using smart bombs that only kill the people associated with the Asad, bombs that turn into candy and rainbows when they detect innocent children and civilians.

Last but not least, did anyone see Obama get worked up when the children of Gaza were killed with white phosphorus?

We should be so thankful to have someone like Barack Obama looking over our children.