Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

When you hear the word beautiful, many images might jump to your mind. For another person, the exact images might not be beautiful at all. You may both agree on the beauty of a few images, but that is all.

Nowadays, we seem to want to agree on a certain standard of beauty. According to specific standards, images, places, and people can be classified as beautiful or not. You might have heard a conversation similar to this one:

- Oh, that bird is so pretty.

- Are you blind? It is so ugly!

- You're right it is ugly. Silly me!

The first person saw something special in the bird and appreciated its beauty; on the other hand, the second person disagreed. It would not be a problem if it was merely disagreement, but the second person did not respect the view of the first and verbalized that disrespect.  Person number one seems to be the type of person who does not like to disagree with others, so he/she backs out of their voiced opinion and voice the opposing opinion.

Person No. 1 most likely still does not really agree that the bird is ugly. What is the big deal then? No harm was done, right?


Person No.1 will probably never voice his/her opinion again. Just to aviod argument and disagreement. Nobody will hear their opinion of what is beautiful.  They will not be able to point out the beauty that others cannot see.

Person No.2 will make the standards. He/she will not appreciate anyone who looks for beauty beyond this set of standards. They might change these occasionally, but they are the only ones who put them. The rest must just measure beauty using these standards which are no more than another opinion.

There are many people in the world like person No.1 and person No. 2.

Why not express our own standards of beauty, while respecting those of others; why not be person No. 3?

The world needs more number threes.