Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Differences vs Similarities

We curse politicians for constantly pointing out our differences, these differences that lead us to quarrels, fights, bloodshed, and wars.

We are citizens of different countries after all, and our countries have different interests. To achieve these interests,  they must use their toy soldiers. They programme us with all the differences they can think of, and then we are set to fight their wars.

How can we get rid of this racism and arrogant pride? We should carry our heritage and respect that of others, but why the pride? We did not get to choose the place we come from or the family name we carry. It might be a good place and good family, but you were born into it; it is not a personal achievement. 

Pride and prejudice are carried down from generation to generation. Let us not take these negative traits from previous generations. Some names given to groups of people can be demeaning and have a derogatory meaning. The newer generations may not even notice that this vocabulary is demeaning as it has become second nature to them.

Let us individualise. Treat each individual as a separate person from their background.  This will not only help build roads between people, but it will give everyone a fair chance.  We should come to a realisation that people are what they make of themselves, not carriers of a legacy of their ancestors.

At the end of the day, we are the ones who either choose to live by our differences or  similarities.

Choose what suits you.