Thursday, August 8, 2013

I am picky when it comes to friends

Just to mention it, excuse the overall look of this piece as my laptop is malfunctioning and I had to settle for the Blogger application on my phone.

Birds of a feather flock together. الطيور على أشكالها تقع. The proverb speaks for itself. Once my father told me to stop acting autistic as sometimes I tend to show antisocial traits. That is only because I do not like socializing with all people.  I am friendly and love meeting new people. I do make friends quickly.If I click with someone from day one, you will find us friends years after.

We will begin by looking at a few traits I look for I  friends then move on to traits that nobody ( a little generalization does not hurt) seeks in a friend. 

Traits that are necessary to have as Lama's friend:

1- Sense of humour: I am as my Londoner friends like to say a 'joker'. I laugh during serious matters. I love joking and playing pranks on my friends. That is why if you lack a sense of humour, there is a slight chance of us being friends. And I will act autistic around you.

2- A person who eats: I get hungry quickly and eat about 6 to 8 times a day. Thus, I require friends who need to eat every 3 to 4 hours. I do not appreciate people who count their calories while I'm trying to enjoy my food (sadly smartphones have made it easier for people to ruin other's meals).
3- Trustworthy: obviously, we all like sharing things with our friends without walking into work or school the next day and having people looking at us, their eyes saying: "Your friend told us."

4- A heart; many people lack one.

Now let us move to traits that I cannot stand in friends. If any of these traits are found in your friends, I would advise you to look for better ones ASAP.

Unlikeable traits in a friend:

1- Lying: If you lie then it's GOODBYE. Especially when I don't ask about something, and you tell me something voluntarily which turns out to be a lie. Common I didn't even ask!

2- Those who always be try to make you feel guilty: I am the type of person who always makes the initiative to contact  and go out with my friends. So if you try to make me feel guilty that you haven't spoken or seen me in a while, be positive that I will not feel guilty when I decide never to see you again.

3- Male: if you're a female, you'll rarely find a decent male friend after high school.  They tend to say things like: " I know I'm going to sound like an A-hole if I say this, but..." You will not sound like an A-hole unless you are one. UNFRIEND

Choose your friends as you like ( unless you're the person who has the parents who pick out your friends- my prayers go out to you) .