Friday, September 27, 2013

Don't tell me who you are

Maybe you have met them before. I have met many of them but do not want to meet anymore. They tell you who they are. They tell you their characteristics and traits. They tell you how they conceive themselves or the way they wish to be conceived. Yet, they do not realize that this is not the way in which people see them. Why not wait for others to get to know you and formulate their own opinion about you? Why do you not give them a chance to use their minds and decide for themselves whether or not you possess the traits you claim you do. Are you afraid they might formulate an opinion which does not match your description? Why are you trying to paint a perfect portrait of yourself? Your flaws make up an important part of you, without them you would not be a whole.

It is frustrating dealing with these people. Because sometimes you want to believe them and all the things they tell you, but when you deal with them you realise they are not the people they said they were. Do not listen to what people tell you about themselves, rather listen to what they have to say about their feelings. Look at their actions and reactions, but never take what a person tells you about themselves as a measurement.

How to deal with it?

Tell the person to stop. Tell them you will get to know them and that you don't like to be handed the pieces of the puzzle and told where to place them.

If the person does not stop?

They need to be left for those who like to be spoon fed.