Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Society Where Sadness is Taboo

"Stop crying." One of the most repeated phrases nowadays. "Nothing is worth your tears." Last time I checked, my tears were not made out of gold. Tears are a natural thing, and the human ability to cry is a great thing. If humans could not cry, we all would of probably been high on crack by now. Why is it taboo to cry in public? You do not know half of the people in the street anyways. Some say that you should not show others your tears as that is a sign of weakness. How can a sign of humanity be considered as a weakness? Humans are weak; there is a greater power that can make us lose everything we have. What are we without our social status, jobs, families, and friends? What will we amount to when we have nothing and nobody. Will we be strong then?

Take a toy from a child and they will cry. Maybe not a toy for the new generations, but an electronic device. One source of their happiness is taken away. Take away their parents, their home, their school, and their friends. Are they not weak now?

Crying is not a solution to our problems, but it can calm us down. It can help us vent when we have reached a peak of sadness or disappointment. Keeping all our feelings to ourselves, will only make matters worse. All the feelings will start to pile up until we have a tantrum or breakdown. 

Not all people have the same emotional sensitivity. Others are more sensitive than others. Just let them be. Do not try to toughen them up by telling them not to cry. If a person needs to cry, just let them cry.

I am not encouraging crying frequently and endlessly. You need to laugh and cry. Life is a balance and to be emotionally balanced you need to do both. We are not robots; we have feelings and we should be able to express them. When we are too shook up to express them verbally, you see tears or laughs. Sometimes tears of joy. 

Be a human and let your feelings show.