Sunday, November 17, 2013

As Arabs We Need to Stop Judging

We judge others, while we do not wish to be judged;

We point out the faults of others, while we try to hide our own;

We are not willing to understand others, but we want to be understood:

You reap what you sow.  

A quote I really liked went like this: "Do not judge someone because they sin differently than you."
You are not perfect, and neither am I. We have no business judging others. When we are perfect, we can judge others. Apart from that, we should mind our own business.

How many of us get frustrated when our business is pried into? Then why do we pry into the business of others? We do not like when people classify/label us, yet we stick labels onto others:

Do not be a hypocrite. 

It is also very sad that this is very common between Muslims. This is not something that is liked in our religion, yet we do it nevertheless, and on top of that we criticize the 'level of religion and faith' of others.

As Muslims, we believe in Allah. We believe that Allah is fair, sees and knows everything, and knows what is in the hearts. Leave the creation to the Creator, and go on with your own business. Leave the judgments to the Judge, and worry about your own faults and mistakes.

In Islam, the person who covers his/her brother's/sister's fault in this life, Allah will cover their faults in the afterlife (this was mentioned in a hadith). Imagine the change in our societies if we lived by this. 

There are two very well-known verses in the Quran about making fun of others. One states that a people should not make fun of another people, for they might be better than the ones who are making fun of them. The second verse states that women should not make fun of other women, for the women might be better than the ones who are making fun of them.

Keep that in mind before judging anyone; that person may be much better than you are even if you do not think so.

As humans, we see things from a very limited point of view. We see others from afar and judge them accordingly to what we have seen. I had a student that has had to repeat a level of English because she did not pass the benchmark scores on the skills she should have acquired in the first level. She told me she was upset because she was better than others and the class and that she participated more than they did. But that is what she observed afar as a student. As her teachers, we look closely at students' work. And even if a student does not always participate, that does not mean they have not met their benchmarks:

Do not judge from afar.

Islam is a way of life. It should be seen in your manners and the way you act with others. Islam is not just the five pillars of Islam. 

Allah will not change a people, until they change what is within themselves...