Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Boys Never Grow into Men (part two)

Ladies out there,

You need to be careful, for not all those who look like men are really men; many are still boys. You might think that some of these boys are men, especially if they always tell you that you are childish. If a person repeats an adjective many times, they are probably describing themselves and what others have constantly told them (of course this is just a theory).

What are some characteristics of real men?

Real men know how to control their anger;

Real men know how to control their tongues when in anger;

Real men will not let themselves or their friends disrespect a woman.

It is adolescent boys who gather around with their friends and think of something rude to tell a woman. It is the immature ones in their late twenties who cannot stop their friends from disrespecting their once close woman friend.

If a man is mad at a woman, he will keep it between them. He will not feel the need to tell his friends. He will not curse her in front of his friends to prove how manly he is in front of them - that is not a manly thing to do. If his friends disrespect her and think ill of her, he will defend her and ask them to stop.

He will not encourage the ridicule and disrespect.

Ladies, if he is doing this, he is not a real man. You have befriended a boy. You are in no need of a boy. Go on being a woman, and let him be a boy.

Do not even wait for him to grow up because after many years, he will still be a boy.