Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Benefits of Being Unemployed

Being unemployed is not easy, especially the first week of being unemployed after you had been working on weekdays and taking your work home on the weekends.

We may enjoy the first two days of being unemployed and consider them a weekend or a short holiday vacation. After the first two days, things may start to go downhill and get ugly. We may feel down, useless, and angry. We will blame our employers for the state we are in especially if they were not honest with us and told you that you will be moving onto a permanent contract.

We should try to avoid any negative thoughts or feelings because that will hinder us in finding a new job. We must be thankful for the experiences we acquired in our past job and be enthusiastic to use them in our future jobs. We must live in the present and let bygones be bygones. We cannot grasp new opportunities if we are wallowing over our losses. We must lose to gain.

There are benefits to being unemployed (believe it or not), so allow me to share some of the benefits I enjoyed whilst being unemployed:

1- Having time for professional development and attending workshops,symposiums, and conferences that you could not attend before because of your working hours;

2- Having enough time to study and get good scores in examinations that lead to professional qualifications;

3- Looking for and applying for better job opportunities without feeling guilty or non loyal to your employers;

4- Expanding your network of professionals in your field (building these connections can help you find jobs in their institutes or elsewhere, they may even recommend you!)

5- Having time to reflect on the accomplishments you achieved at your former workplace and what you can do to be a more effective and irreplaceable person at the workplace;

6- Having time for your hobbies and interest whatever they may be (blogging is a main one in my case);

These are the few I could think of right now. Of course, there's many others like wearing comfortable clothes all day long, but I do not want to give future employers the idea that I am lazy (jokes).

Please share any more benefits you may have; we would love to hear them!