Friday, November 8, 2013

We love those to whom we can tell our story.

Yet another blog with an excellent aphorism from nothingprofound: "We love those to whom we can tell our story." . 
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We look for those who will judge us not;

Might look for years as there's not quite a lot;

After years, we think we are finally ready;

But let's not rush; we must keep our steps steady;

As non-judgmental individuals is not all we require;

For you cannot tell a story to one whose patience is on fire;

She/He will ask you to summarise the plot;

'I'm all ears' they will tell you not;

If you start your story, and they become weary;

Stop in your steps, for they find it dreary;

Be aware of the ones who an interest they will feign;

They will listen when our stories are sunny but will disappear in the rain;

Our stories are interesting;

We must tell them only in the presence of queens and kings;

Do not tell a beggar your story;

The next day it will be in the tabloids, and you will be sorry;

Our stories are very deep;

We cannot have them seep;

From person to person they will not leap;

Only if we trust the ones who the secrets of others they always keep;

Why even bother to tell your story to others?

Because a wise man one said: "We love those to whom we can tell our story."