Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"7ayati, you're not open-minded"

Pre-reading vocabulary:-

7ayati: means my life in Arabic. People use it as a way of flirting or such, but we are very

 sarcastic people and we use it when we are not happy with people

In the Arab world, there seems to be a misuse of the term open-minded. It is mostly associated with the term liberal.

Truth is, not all liberals are open-minded, and not all open-minded people are liberals.

This is not an attack against liberals; rather it is to regain the power of the term open-minded.

To be considered open-minded you must respect the values of others, even if they are of no value to you. If you can only respect the values of like-minded people, 7ayati, you're not open-minded.

If you support secularism and ridicule those who believe that countries should be led by religious laws without being able to discuss and reach a compromise, 7ayati, you're not open-minded.

If you don't believe in religious dress and look down at those who do wear it, 7ayati, you're not open-minded.

If you believe that in order to have fun you must people must do what you do, otherwise they are uptight and have no lives, 7ayati, you're not open-minded.

This also goes vice versa of course, but I chose to portray it in this manner to get the term open-minded cleared from any misconception.

 If you think I am absolutely wrong, 7ayati, you're not open-minded.