Sunday, December 8, 2013

Babies aren't Born Racist

This is based on the happenings of a true story. Actually, this is a true story. No names will be stated in this story not out of respect of privacy, but because I do not know the names of the people.

While waiting restlessly for my mother's turn to see the doctor and keeping myself busy with the thoughts of the ice-cream I would have later on, I overheard the following conversation between a daughter (about 6 or 7 years old) and her mother (the conversation was in Arabic):

Daughter: Let's go to Egypt.

Mother: But we don't like Egypt.

Daughter: But my teacher is from Egypt and she's lovely.

Mother: You love your teacher?

Daughter: *nods*

Mother: I love her too.

I will refrain from stating the nationality of the mother and daughter because this is not an attack on anyone, and you hear these statements from Arabs against other Arabs all the time, so it is better not to specify here.

We may ask ourselves who teaches the new generations hate and racism. It is unfortunate that it is us.

Do not teach your children hate; let your children teach you love.