Sunday, December 8, 2013

Choosing Your Friends

Friends. Friends. Friends.

Just to give the post a friendly feeling, we began with the word. Repetition often reflects importance as it does in this case.

Can you remember your first friend? What memories do you have with him/her? Are you still friends?

If you no longer live near by, or if you started going to different schools after kindergarten, there is a possibility that you are no longer friends. When we are young, we don't usually keep long distance friendships. All we want is a play partner, and once that partner is gone, we replace him/her with a new play buddy. It is as simple as that. That is because when we are young, our view is that everything revolves around us, and we think that everything is there for us. When speaking about someone being immature for their age, they are probably still in a stage where they are selfish and think that everything is about them.

Unlike your family, that you were born into, you can choose your friends (unless your parents are really strict and they are the type that choose your friends for you).

Be wise when choosing your friends, then you can be foolish in everything else you do. If you  your friends are very close to you, then they can affect your actions and moods. They can help to either make you or break you.

Do not choose friends who speak ill of others in front of you. Friends who spend most of their time gossiping and backbiting other people aren't good friends. They will probably do the same to you when you are not present. That is not a friend you want. If anything, try to avoid these people completely.

Do not choose friends who have wronged others. For there will come a day where they will wrong you in the same way. Do not think that you are not prone to their reckless behaviour because that is part of who they are.

Do not choose friends who discourage you. There are those people who always ridicule our plans and ideas. These people are not the people you want to be around. Spend enough time with them and you'll begin discouraging others as well. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Do not choose friends who dismiss you when you need them. Real friends know when you need them the most and they will be there. If they are always too busy to know what is going on with you then maybe you have befriended the president and need to find friends that do not have a whole nation's needs to worry about.

Choose your friends wisely then you can be foolish in everything else you do; because true friends wouldn't let you do anything TOO foolish.