Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Muslims don't Date

 Many people may ask why dating is not permissible in Islam. Just to be clear, if you are a follower of any monotheistic religion, then dating is also not accepted in your religion. If you are atheist or a pagan , then you can do as you wish.

There are no clear verses that state that dating is forbidden in Islam. At the time the Islam was revealed, I doubt that people even used to date. Adultery was there of course, but I do not know if it was considered dating or a one night stand type of thing. Islam prohibits adultery, whether you are married or single, thus on that basis dating is not accepted because it could lead to adultery. Christians are also prohibited from adultery (you can find that in the ten commandments). And as for the Jews who are practicing Judaism, most of them get married at a young age to avoid adultery. 

So you may wonder now if it is permissible to date in Islam without committing adultery. There is a verse in the Quran that says that a if a man and a woman (who are foreigners to one another) are alone together, the Shaytan (devil) will be the their third (the third person in their presence). 

If the Shaytan is in your presence when you are with a foreign man or woman, then things aren't looking so bright. We believe that the Iblees (a devil) led prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to pick fruit from the forbidden tree and thus be sent to earth. If a devil could trick a prophet then he can surely trick the rest of us.

In Islam, a man cannot even shake a woman's hand.

So there you have your answer.

To clarify the statement 'foreigners to one another' means any person you can marry.
The people whom you cannot marry are relatives such as uncles,aunts,nieces, nephews...and such.
In Islam, it is permissible for cousins to marry each other, so you cannot be left alone with your cousin.

Of course, not all Muslims are practicing Muslims just like not all Christians and Jews are practicing Christianity and Judaism. Thus, you will find Muslims who date just like you find Christians and Jews dating and you will find Muslims committing adultery, while it's prohibited in Islam just like you will find Christians and Jews committing adultery, while its prohibited in Christianity and Judaism.
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