Monday, March 17, 2014

EFL Teaching Hours in Saudi Arabia

 If you are looking at job offers to teach English in preparatory year programmes (PYP) in universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia, you might find that the teaching hours per week is between 20 to 25. That of course, is exclusive of office hours, and all the work you'll be doing at home. 

It is not bad actually, but just ask for an approximate schedule; you do not want to have five hours back-to-back.

You can teach English with a bachelors degree and a 120 hour CELTA/DELTA/TEFL/TESOL. They also accept master degrees in Applied Linguistics/TESOL and any other related degrees.

BUT if you have a master's degree, you might as well apply to teach courses in the university, rather than teach English to preparatory year students. There are more benefits when working with with a university as a professor. You will be directly hired by the university rather than be hired by recruiting companies that will take a percentage of the pay the university pays you. Other than that, most universities in Saudi Arabia pay for your children's schooling until they are 18 years old. That is a benefit that you will not get when teaching in preparatory year programmes.

PYP students are fresh high school graduates, so you will be dealing with students aged 17 to 19, while if you teach courses in a university, your students will be aged from 19-22.

If you have a masters degree, do not let it go to waste, and apply to teach at a university.

Some universities in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) that have PYP:

- Prince Sultan University (PSU) - this is a private university
- King Saud Univeristy (KSU) - public university
- Princess Nourah University (PNU) - public university
- Al-Yamamah University - private university

There are also graduate year programmes (GYP) in Saudi Arabia. This is a programme for students who have already graduated from a college/university. This programme is available in most of the Technical Vocational Training Colleges (TVTC) around the Kingdom. 

To apply for the GYP programme in TVTC and the PYP in Al-Yamamah University, you will need to get in contact with an American company called INTERLINK.