Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies- Vermont

One brick building won't do any harm
Hello, I would like your views on Vermont in general and views on Marlboro College in general. I am considering doing an MA TESOL there. What I like about their programme is that it is student-centered and relies greatly on the student; the student is not spoon-fed by lecturers. Which is a great plus for me because I do not listen to what people tell me in general let alone lecturers. During my undergraduate study, my professors would lecture and I would daze off into more interesting thoughts and then study on my own and with friends. Except of course in structure and phonetics courses because there was no way I could learn those on my own. 

Enough digression, according to student reviews, the academics of the college are rated very highly. There is about a 8:1 or 7:1 student to professor ratio. The course I will be taking only requires that I be present at the college for four months to take courses, the rest I will be spending interning/working in an ESL/EFL classroom. Being able to have a job while studying is a plus when it comes to income, but it will also be more stressful considering the workload. I called the US embassy in Riyadh and they confirmed that the college is accredited (I read an article online that said that students did not prefer it because it was not accredited before). Those are all good things.

The location of the college; however, troubles me. It is located in a small town by the name of Brattleboro, and it seems to be very secluded. Many of the building are old family farmhouses/barns. It would be great to go there if you were that type of town-loving person or if you were Amish. Many of the students also rated it low for social life and activities. One student also said that most students there smoke. Smoking bothers me a lot and so I'm wondering if smoking is allowed throughout the campus/barn yard. 

Please let me know if you have any useful information on Brattleboro, Vermont, or Marlboro College itself. Thank you!