Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ruined Childhood

Who am I to speak of childhood? After all, I am not a parent, but maybe the view of a third person might help. Come to think of it, I was a child once (and still one at heart...and at mind).

If you are a parent, please let your children be children. Do not expect them to be adults, and let them have fun.

I was with my friend at a cafe inside a mall when we saw a child sitting with a group of adults and sipping her hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is great for kids, but sitting with adults for over an hour doing nothing? Kids normally do not have the patience to sit for that long. When I was a child, when my parents wanted to go to places that were not fun for kids, we would stay home and get babysit by our neighbour. Other than that, we would always go to the houses of people who had children our age, and would go out to children-friendly places.

Other than that, going to the parlor before holidays, I see many little girls taken there by their mothers to get their hair straightened. That is nice... if she was 13 rather than 8. Why would you take a young child to a parlor to get their hair tugged and heated? What is wrong with the hair of your 8 year old? Does her hair need to be straight for the holiday pictures you are going to load on social media sites? Are you using your child to get more 'likes'? I have also seen mothers upset with their daughters because they keep fidgeting while their mothers take hours to do their hair; is it the fault of the mother or the daughter?


How about you listen to the orders you are giving your child? Do they sound normal to you? Children aren't made to sit down. How will they learn if they sit down? Stop killing your child's creativity by limiting their daily activities to things they can do without moving a lot or getting themselves dirty. And if you're very keen on getting your child to watch television, at least take a chance to see what they are watching. Today, I saw an episode of Spongebob Square Pants. I have no idea why children watch it. It is plain silly. Today's episode was about Spongebob and his shoelaces; he had untied them to show his friend, Patrick, how to tie shoes. He then realized that his shoes had been tied for his whole life and he could not tie them back again. He kept tripping over his shoelaces at work and could not get his job done. He then went to ask the creatures in the sea who could help him tie his shoes, and they all pointed out that they do not have feet. Then a ghost fish/pirate appeared and said he could help... sorry, I could not take more than that and had to put it to a stop.

I hear parents complaining about this generation and their addiction to technology, but the children are not the ones who go out and buy the technology, or are they?

If you want to have children, take the time to parent.