Saturday, April 5, 2014

Be Human

Agendas create wars.        
  Wars create refugees.

     Countries send in weapons.
       The same countries take in political refugees.

          Refugees live in tents or struggle to pay rent.

             They are used as cheap labour.

                The money they make is not enough to take care of their families.

                   Their children are forced to help their families.

                      Police arrest the children.

                        The girls and women are sought out for marriage.

                            Some of the marriage-seekers have good intentions.

                                Many of them don't.

                                   They are insensitive beasts.

                                      Who would take advantage of refugees?

                                         The citizens complain of the huge influx of refugees.

                                             How would these citizens feel if they had to flee for their lives?

                                                The vast majority of refugees are not welcomed.

                                                    Some are afraid that the refugees will outnumber them.

                                                        Humans cannot outnumber themselves.

                                                           However, humans can outnumber beasts.

                                                               Don't be a beast.

                                                                  Be a human.