Thursday, May 15, 2014

Give Yourself a Break

Humans are not robots even if companies insist on treating them like robots. Even robots need time to recharge. After your employees complete what they were working on and invested a lot of time and energy to what they were doing, tell them thank you by giving them time to their personal lives. If you expect them to invest time after hours to get work done, give them that time back. Do not deprive your employees of their families, friends, hobbies, and relaxation time. They need that time to rejuvenate and bring new energy to the work place.

Do not kill your employees passion by overworking them. We accuse many schools and teachers for killing students' passion for learning and their curiosity; if schools were not successful in doing that, then companies will take care of that. Not all people love their jobs, but do not make those who love their jobs resent waking up in the morning. 

If money is the only thing that motivates your employees, then you will be sure to lose them once your company encounters a hardship.

If you are an employee that was not given a break, give yourself a pat on the back and give yourself a break.