Sunday, June 29, 2014

Arabs Leaving Their Countries

When we were younger, we usually discussed the immigration of Arab 'minds' from their countries. Thus, instead of their country benefiting from their knowledge, other countries would benefit whilst their country would not progress as much. The credit of the ideas/inventions/cures...etc. usually also goes to the countries where the 'mind' is residing. 

In Palestine, this issue is visible. There are many Palestinians who are living in the 48 lands and thus they are considered Israelis. There was an engineer who invented robots that will help with surgeries. He has an Arabic name, but the news came out as an Israeli doctor. He also did the research in the Israeli university he works at, so that helped for the credit to be given to Israel rather than Palestine.

During one of the severe sieges on the Gaza Strip, there were a few Palestinians living there who came up with new inventions to help with basic human needs such as heating water. These inventions were done on a small scale to be used personally, but were open to have it produced commercially. 

Funding such projects and managing them effectively, is the thin line between inventing and bringing an invention to life. Many Arabs leave their countries because their country never crossed this thin line.

Many young Arabs are now going to study abroad. When they travel abroad, many of them do not have intentions to come back to their own countries, or to the Arab world at all. They cannot longer cope with the mentality of those running the country. 

Why should one return to a country where they are not many opportunities for them while they could live in a country where they have many opportunities? Many say that a person is the one who should create their own opportunity rather than wait to be given an opportunity. That is true. A person who creates their own invention/idea has already given themselves an opportunity, and they are just waiting for the community to take the opportunity to use what they have created. 

If Arab countries do not change, the Arab minds will give opportunities to those who are willing to make the effort.