Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cheap Arab Lives

Arabs lives are of no value neither to us as Arabs nor to others. 

If we thought of ourselves as valuable, then why do many of us struggle to obtain a Western nationality?

Why do we receive more respect and opportunities in Arab countries when we have Western nationalities?

It is no longer a matter of obtaining a Western nationality to be a part of the West but to become a part of the Arab world. 

Thousands of Arabs are being killed everyday. Arabs from Syria, Iraq, and Palestine are being killed because of.....(numerous reasons that are too many to mention).

Does anyone think about the rights of these Arabs? Do Arabs even have rights? 

Only when an Arab with a Western citizenship is harmed, do people look their way; and that is not always the case (sometimes they never bother to look their way). Names only make international headline when a foreign passport is involved. The value of lives is not determined by paperwork.

Do not let them make you believe our lives are cheap.