Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friends for Work

These friends only remember you when they have work

They "forget" to call you when they are going out for fun







Traits that are taken advantage of in you

Characteristics that may cause others to treat you as a robot rather than a human

They put their needs first and expect you to put them first as well

Your needs can be met later or maybe never; it doesn't matter to them

Are you thinking of changing the way you are?


You are one of the special people out there who have these characteristics

There are people out their who will respect your characteristics and share theirs with you as well

They will meet your needs and you will meet their needs as well

Do not change for the ones who do no value you as a whole being

Be who you are for the ones who see you and appreciate you for who you are

Give to the ones who you know have a white heart