Friday, August 29, 2014

The War on Gaza - Summer 2014

The war on Gaza this summer was tragic and horrendous. It was Ramadan (the month of Muslim fast), but yet the merciless inhuman army killed, and there were corpses scattered around the meals that they were to eat to break their fast. Meals that the live bodies were to eat. Meals that soaked up blood and bodies that became lifeless.
The celebration of Eid (Muslim holiday after Ramadan) was not very joyful in Gaza this summer. Many were still mourning the death of their dear ones. Hundreds of children's lives were taken away before Eid. Children who were happily playing last Eid were now buried under the soil with no facial expressions; not even the slightest smile.

No place is safe in Gaza. Israel blames Hamas, but they are the ones to blame. They say that Hamas uses people as human shields, but numerous pictures and videos have proved that they are the ones who do so. They claim they are freeing the people of Gaza from Hamas, but the people of Gaza want to be freed from them.They try to speak for the people of Gaza, but the people of Gaza speak for themselves.

They refused to accept a ten year ceasefire offered to them by the Palestinians. How are they to market their weapons if they accept a ceasefire? How will they market the weapons of the US if they do not use them. Many say it is cruel if products are 'tested on animals' , then what do you say when weapons are 'tested on humans'?Many speak of human rights, but everything they do opposes human rights; actions speak louder than words.

The leaders of Muslim and Arab countries have taken no positive action in Syria, so it was no surprise when they did nothing but speak for Gaza. An Arab ruler said: " I wish I was a soldier fighting in Gaza." Everyone clapped for him. If he was to wish to be a soldier in Gaza, he would support the soldiers fighting there.The leader of Turkey called out for Gaza and human rights,  but do not the Kurds have rights too? Or are they not humans?

The U.S provides Palestinians with US aid from the American people, then provides Israel with weapons to kill the people they have "aided".

Palestine has won, but it has also lost. It has lost many innocent souls and many freedom fighters.

Palestine will not wait for justice from the UN or the courts of justice that do not provide justice. Palestine will not wait to get justice while the US uses its veto in favour of Israel. Palestine will fight for itself.  It does not need corrupt governments or leaders to feign interest in its freedom.