Friday, January 2, 2015

A Man a Woman Can't Trust

A woman cannot trust a man:

- who told her he will leave her for money;

- who makes her feel guilty when she is tired and wants to sleep instead of talk to him;

- who lied to her about his job;

- who says that he needs 3 other women to make him happy;

- A man who lies about the smallest things;

- who never stays true to his word;

-  who never shows up when he say he will;

-  who makes promises just to get what he wants in the short term;

- who always tries to hide something;

- who avoids answering the simplest questions;

- who only contacts her when he feels she is interested in someone else;

- who only says "i love you" when she is over him;

- who curses and then says he did not mean it;

- who makes her feel guilty for things she did not do wrong.

This is a man a woman will never trust,

This is a man that runs after money and lust...