Friday, January 2, 2015

Students of Arabia

Getting a job offer as an ESL instructor can be an experience where one has overwhelming multiple feelings and thoughts rushing through their head.

Many of us turn to expat blogs to find out about life in the country and how it is teaching in Saudi Arabia.

When going over such blogs, it is important to remember that people have different view points about the same thing. There are many stereotypes that we may accept before coming to Saudi Arabia and experiencing it for ourselves.

One of these stereotypes is that Saudi students are lazy. I know that many people who have been teaching in Saudi may say: " But we are already here and experienced it, and our students are lazy."
Are all your students lazy? What is the definition of lazy?

Maybe the students may mot be self motivated,  and thus it will be a part of your job to motivate students.

I have been teaching in Saudi Arabia for two years, and sometimes I do fall into the trap of saying that my students are lazy,  but when I do look into why they did not respond to the lesson,  it may have been that my instructions were not clear or it was not appropriate for their level...etc.

There is a lot of potential in Saudi students, if you as an instructor do not believe that, then why are you here or  considering coming here? Is it for the tax-free paycheck?  What does that say about you as an instructor?

I am not trying to defend Saudi students or say they are perfect; they do have their ups and downs. But just using it as an excuse when they are not learning with you will say a lot about you as a professional.