Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Before you begin reading this, I must warn you that I have a mind of my own when it comes to politics; I do not follow what mainstream media is saying, nor am I blindly supporting what is being circulated by people on social media.

So Islamophobia began decreasing among citizens of "It is our duty to fight terrorism" countries, and they needed new ways to convince their troops and the international community that they should be in Iraq, Syria, and Egypt; the three countries that are the dominoes at the beginning of a line of Arab and Islamic countries.

ISIS arrived to do just that, for if the whole word is against them, from where do they get their weapons? Why are ISIS not creating their own rockets like Hamas? Why do they carry weapons made in "It is our duty to fight terrorism" countries?

The countries went to fight ISIS. The Arab/Islamic countries that went along have a great history with the above mentioned countries. Of course Saudi Arabia went along, and Jordan could not say no.

A Jordan pilot by the name of Muath was then taken as a hostage by the IS. There were online campaigns for him. Sadly, the campaigns went in vain, and on Feb 3rd, 2015, videos of Muath being burned to death in a cage were being circulated on social media after being posted on the IS website.

Arabs and Muslims are furious and they use this as a way of saying that IS is not an Islamic State as they blindly kill Muslims. If Arabs were questioning why their governments joined the so called "war against terrorism", they will now be questioning their governments if they do not join this war. For they must prove that Arab and Muslim blood is not cheap, and that they will not wait until the IS does this to others.

So let us picture a perfect scenario where all Arab and Muslim countries join the war against terrorism. The West will pull its hands out as there will be other people to play its role, and it will sit in the bleachers watching the game and supplying both sides with weapons until they destroy each other.

That girl is a conspiracy theorist.


BUT... even if the West do not pull out and fight side-by-side with the Arabs and real Muslims... where will they be fighting? Who will be dying? How many citizen causalities will there be? How many refugees will be living in camps? How many people will die from malnutrition? How many children will die from cold? How many children will be awake at night forever traumatized by the inhumane scenes they have witnessed? Whose buildings and infrastructure will they be destroying? Whose crops will they be poisoning with their weapons? How about agricultural lands that will lose their fertility? This is the case now.

If IS are really Islamic extremists, should we destroy our own countries to get rid of them? Why are not these Islamic extremists in Western countries, forcing people to follow Islam, and killing those who do not? What are they doing in Islamic countries? Just food for thought.

Again, I warned you that you might not be happy with what I was to say. Yes, I am Muath, but do you want your support to cause:

I am Sarah

I am Ahmad

I am Bilal

I am Linah

I am Tariq

I am Fatin

I am Walaa

I am Kusai

and the list will go on in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and the rest of our countries...let us stop that list

# I am Muath