Friday, February 20, 2015

Let It Go

  No this is not a post about that horrendous Frozen soundtrack. This is about real life not a Disney movie.

As you go on in life, you will experience one time after another that 'one shoe does not fit all'. If that shoe does not fit, do not force it to fit; for your feet will only ache if they are too small, and if they are too large, you will lose the shoe and find yourself not able to walk without it.

Not all people will suit you. It may seem awful of using shoes as a metaphor for people, but honestly, I could not come up with anything better at the moment.

As we were saying, not all people suit you; you cannot like everyone and cannot get everyone to like you. Some people will try to get along with others even though they are not suited to be friends at the time being, but it will only bring pain and discomfort as would a tight shoe.

Shoes make change with time; they may be a little tight at first, but after some time, they become the perfect fit. It depends on the material of the shoe how fast this happens if it does. Likewise, with people, it depends on their personality and degree of tolerance and flexibility to be able to work on suiting each other better. If they have rigid ideas that are not prone to change then it will be a tight fit, and you need to let it go.

Remember, most shoes are tight at first, so be patient and wait for it to expand. If it fails to do so, give it away to a person who it fits right. Do not endure the pain of shoes for more than a month. Let them go.