Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My First Bloggers Event

Today is my first blogger event and I am already late! Which is typical in Saudi Arabia when you cannot drive and have to live on other people's times.

I am excited to meet other bloggers for the first time. I rarely run into anyone in real life that is a blogger, so this is exciting. A lot of people think bloggers are crazy people who have nothing else to do and that may be true as well.

My blog is not that popular,  but my main aim is to get messages across to those who are looking for them. A lot of bloggers have an entry which is a big hit and makes them popular. I do not know if I will ever have such a hit, but again it does not matter much because underground songs speak more truth than the artists who have sold their talent to others.

As in I would rather be an unknown blogger and be free to write as I wish rather than being a famous blogger and having to limit my content to what my sponsors want, or even worse, what the people who give me freebies want.

Free blogging forever!!