Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Selfie that was Shared Over 21 thousand times

  • This picture was posted on twitter with the caption: "A selfie while the Israeli military running after me."
  • The post was reposted about 21,000 thousand times on twitter without counting re-posts on other social media platforms. Many people thought it was real and considered the young man in the picture to be brave. Many changed their minds after the same account reposted the picture with the police a little closer with the caption: "And CUT....A pic from a film set that's based on a true story! "
  • As a rap fan, I immediately recognized the guy in the picture as Tamer Naffar, the rapper who brought together the Palestinian rap group DAM. A lot of new agencies began spreading the news that it was real either to get more views or because all their news is ill-informed. As many pointed out, the police are wearing sneakers, and not the boots that are a part of their official uniform.
  • Now let me tell you why you never saw a real selfie with a Palestinian running away from Israeli police or Israel soldiers:
  • Realistically, no matter how fast a person is, there will be no time to take out a cell phone. Let's say this smart guy already had his cellphone in his hand, there would be no way that he would risk being caught while fumbling and looking down at his phone trying to open the camera then changing it to selfie mode. Let's say he was already taking selfies when the police went after him, so his camera was already open and on selfie mode. There still would be no way that he would stop for a few seconds to get a clear picture and make sure the police were also in the background. Even if he was crazy enough to do so, the police would never stop and pose for the picture. Let us say if all the above was possible, Israeli police and soldiers always either confiscate, destroy anything with their pictures on it or they would make you delete the pictures. So there is no way that a person would make it out alive with such a picture and have internet access and their cell phone in jail to post it.
  • If a Palestinian was being chased, they would be dodging rubber bullets and masking their faces with their shirts from tear gas, so if any Palestinian actually survives a selfie while being run after by Israeli police or soldiers, trust me, it will be way more dramatic than this.