Monday, February 23, 2015

Society is Controlling you, It was never me

You were so eager to let go, and continue your own path; a path that you did not want a strong woman to cross.

The first day we talked, you told me that you were not going to let me control you, and that nobody controls you, but I never said anything that day that implied that I wanted to control you. It was your fears that spoke out, and assumed that I was controlling.

Maybe a woman had succeeded in controlling you before and you now lived with this fear of controlling women.

I support anarchism and free will. I do not tell people what to do and what not to do. I do not want anyone to control me either, but do not live in fear of being controlled. 

I have a mind of my own, and thus not afraid of any person or system trying to control me. I do not live to please society and their expectations, and when I tell you so, you say I am arrogant.Why am I arrogant? Because I do not live up to expectations of a capitalist shallow society?

You try to convince me that first impressions are the most important. That is a cliche repeated in society, so do not tell me that your independent mind thought of it on its own. You clearly are controlled by society and its expectations, yet you bluntly state that you are not going to be controlled by a woman who did not even try to control you.

First impressions are usually based on judgments, so they do not interest me much. I usually do not give a first impression because I am not interested in forming relations with people who cannot see beyond them. If I give a bad first impression, and people decide to stick around and really get to know who I really am, those are people I am willing to invest in and show a better side of me.

This is not a comparison of who is right or wrong; there is no right here. This is merely a wake-up call to who really is controlling you, and who is not. The only thing wrong was your assumption that I was trying to control you. You know what happens when people assume, for that is the most important thing I learned from you (another cliche).

I promise myself I will only invest in original people next time, for I do not want to risk repeating cliches society imposes.

" Many people have this fear of being controlled, when it is really their own fear controlling them." -nothingprofound